Google Glass And Your Eyesight

Whether you like them or not, it’s pretty clear that wearable computers are here to stay. They take a variety of forms, but the most promising and exciting of these new technologies comes from Google in the form of the Google Glass project. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will. It is essentially an Android type device, wedded to a pair of glasses, and it’s exciting because it stands to redefine the way we interact with computers. Unfortunately, it also presents some problems for your vision.
google glass

The Problems

The major problem is that you’ve got two eyes, but currently, the Google Heads-up display only displays over one eye. Since your brain is constantly combining what you see from both eyes to present you with a single, stereoscopic view of the world, the eye that is receiving the Google display is constantly working harder than the other eye. Users are reporting eye strain after extended periods of using the device, and as the glasses gain in popularity, you can expect these problems to continue and to be reported more frequently.

Currently, Google does have some information about this potential problem on their website, and they warn users against using for more than eighteen hours a day. They also warn that the devices may harm developing vision in children under thirteen years of age.


Because of these issues, and because wearable computers are only going to become more popular, not less, it is more important than ever to make sure you’re paying good attention to the health of your eyes. Whether you seek to improve your vision using various eye exercises you can do at home, through diet, vitamins, or a combination of all of these, one thing is clear. As our eyes themselves increasingly become the primary means by which we interface with computers, finding effective natural ways to maintain and even restore your eye sight are going to take on increasing importance.

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