Healthy Body, Healthy Eyes?

The idea of having “good health” is usually connected to a lean body with a fair amount of muscle mass or making sure your diet is nutritionally sound. When it comes to the eyes, most people do not know what it takes to keep their eyes healthy. Small losses of vision, such as when you have to squint every once in a while, are not believed to be the beginning of a more serious problem that will require glasses.

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A Major Cause of Eye Damage

But the rate of people becoming diabetic is steadily increasing, and one of the known long term complications of diabetes is what is known as diabetic retinopathy. Essentially, the reduced circulation that is caused by diabetes results in the tiny capillaries in the eye becoming damaged. The result is blood leaking into the eye and requires laser treatments to control the bleeding.

Here, the connection between body health and eye health is made since the majority of cases of diabetes are of the type 2 nature, the result of being overweight or obese. Doctors say diabetes is much better brought under control, and in some instances reversed, through a diet and exercise regimen. One hope for those who are diabetic is to get back to having a healthy body.

Muscles are the Key

Anyone who has a workout regimen knows what it is like for your muscles to ache after a good workout. Like your body, the eyes have muscles that make your sight possible. When you squint, you are exercising your eye muscles out of necessity. A natural way to keep your eye sight in top condition and your body healthy is to work to maintain them.

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What happens when your muscles get out of shape? If you want to get back into shape you exercise them. That gives your entire body a boost and promotes general health. That health can extend to helping you restore vision naturally and avoid wearing glasses and the more serious eye conditions that can occur because you neglect your health.

Connecting the health of your vision and the health of your body is really a no-brainer when looking at the facts. For normal people the body is largely self-repairing, so beginning to take of it will reduce the possibility of problems showing up in other areas.



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