Indoor Children Have More Vision Problems

With the increasing video technology that fascinates children, getting them to go outside and stay there on a regular basis is a challenge for many parents. It is easy to blame technology, and maybe even the parents, but what about the government’s role in this issue? A recent study shows that some governments may be directly responsible for contributing to the problem.

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China’s Children

The country of China has a worldwide reputation for educating some of the world’s best and brightest children. A strong work ethic combined with parents who reinforce the message of the importance of education develop well-disciplined and educated children.

Except the demands that are being placed on the children is resulting in vision problems as a result of the considerable amount of time they spend indoors in school and studying. The numbers are that about 80 percent of the children in the city of Beijing suffer from myopia.

Not As It Seems

Now the conventional wisdom was that the cause of myopia in children was largely based on too much computer use and close reading. The review of the data now suggests it is a lack of daylight, not the distance, that is the source of the problem. That brings about the simple and obvious solution to allow children to read and study in the outdoors. The preliminary results show a 23 percent decrease in the cases of myopia.

Although the evidence currently points to the simple solution, there is an additional piece of research that indicates an increasing occurrence of myopia when areas become more urbanized. Taller buildings, less sunlight, and an increased indoor presence by the children contribute to the theory that at the core of the issue is a lack of sunlight. But other reasons need to be considered such as a child’s individual environment and lifestyle, before committing to a definitive course of action.

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