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They say there is an app for almost everything. If it does not exist, then it is in the works. That now includes medical apps, a growing field of interest for both doctors and developers. Developers have come up with an app to test your eyesight.

From Room-Sized to App-Sized

Blink App for Smartphones

Anyone who has had an eye exam knows that huge machine they put over your eyes and then ask you to read the chart. If you need to wear corrective eyewear, adjusting the settings repeated and being asked whether “one is better than two” can be more than annoying, especially when choosing between the two is next to impossible!

Those days appear to be over with the introduction of the Blink App. Before you get too excited, the app is only one part of the complete eye exam. It is not an at home type of app you can do yourself. The actual exam must be done by a trained and registered technician who is qualified to record and assess the results of the testing.

The Process

The entire eye exam takes about 20 minutes. But because the technician is not a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist, if the results indicate you need corrective eyewear they will contact an optometrist who will send you a lens prescription within 24 hours of the test.

The cost of the exam is $75 and is currently available only in New York City. A Blink technician will come to your home, just like the good old days, to administer the test. Future expansion of the service is expected, and will be particularly useful in rural areas and where people are generally confined to their homes because of a medical condition.

In the end, what’s not to like? Instead of sitting around a doctor’s office waiting to be told to wait longer, you will have an appointment where you do not have to leave your house in rain or snow or cold weather. It may be pricier than going to a retail eye exam provider, but since most people do not have to visit their eye doctor more than once a year, the actual cost of the visit averages to be about $6 a month.

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