Natural Remedies To Dissolve Cataracts

Restoring your vision is one thing if you are simply suffering from eye strain, but what if you have a more serious problem like cataracts?

Are there any natural remedies for getting rid of them?

Is it possible to actually dissolve them yourself, without having to resort to an expensive series of trips to the doctor?

eye with cataract

The answer, surprisingly, is yes.

There is some evidence to suggest that either of the following methods below can help you restore your eye sight by dissolving cataracts. Bear in mind, of course, that these methods are not recommended by the broader medical community, but some individuals who have experimented with these have reported success.

Cineraria Maritima

This is an herb, also called “Dusty Miller.” Its juice is known to dissolve cataracts.

It is, in fact, a recommended form of cataract treatment in India, where the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare notes that not only can it prevent cataracts from forming in the first place, but also, it can actually diminish and even eliminate existing ones.

For best effect, mix and dilute the juice from the herb in a simple saline solution.

Pascalite, Bentonite Clay

This substance is a particular kind of clay, usually a creamy white color that is only known to exist in one place on earth. The Big Horn mountains in the state of Wyoming, in the USA.

The Indians living in the region in colonial times regarded the clay as sacred and revered it for its medicinal properties. Among the ailments the Indians of the region have successfully treated with this clay (by direct application to the affected area) are:

• Digestive Tract ulcers (ingesting the clay)
• Brown Recluse spider bites
• Skin Necrosis
• And yes, even cataracts!

In the specific case of cataracts, some patients have reported success by applying the clay paste to their eyelids, and by making eye drops from water that has been filtered through the clay.

That might sound far fetched, but again, some successes have been reported!

The bottom line is that modern medicine, while it may be a marvel, is an expensive marvel, and sometimes, medical treatments are simply priced out of reach of those who need them.

In those cases, natural remedies, including natural remedies for the restoration of eye sight, are sought.

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