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A company called Optical Express claims to have developed a lens that, when used to replace the lens of a defective human eye, would produce better results than the more traditional laser surgery.

The lens, called Mplus X, has not lived up to expectations, with an estimated four of six patients complaining that the device did not live up to the hype or its expectations. In a number of cases, it made the patient’s eyesight far worse.

How To Restore Your Vision Naturally? Watch the Video ►


The company maintains it is designed for close reading, and it is not designed for every culture or every person. It is up to the surgeon to determine what procedure is best for the patient, they claim.

There have been good outcomes with the implants, so there does exist a market for a select group of people. But clearly this is not a solution that will end the problem of all eye problems and eliminate laser surgery.

There are always companies offering permanent solutions to the most difficult problems by the use of technology. Everything from reading glasses to corrective eyewear, to laser surgery has been tried, but the choice for a patient who is having mission problems always seems to be a smorgasbord of ideas rather than a definitive solution. It is likely the reason is that everyone is different when it comes to eyesight, and if there is a single solution to fixing the most common eye problems it will be a natural, not technical, solution.

When will people learn that the best solution for a natural problem is a natural solution. Any procedure that is invasive, meaning some type of surgery is required, carries with it the risk of infection and further damage to the body.

In the case of the eyes, we only have two of them, and their collective health is the focus of dealing with vision problems. The sooner we understand the importance of how our eyes work, the more likely we will be to make the right decisions about how to best take care of them and avoid people making promises they cannot keep.

How To Restore Your Vision Naturally? Watch the Video ►



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