Seeing the Obvious

There is so much new technology available for all people, young and old, that a new wave of eye problems are showing up on the radar.

In particular, young people who are generally classified as digital natives because they have grown up with the new technology.

Consider the fact that a recent study put the number of text messages of an average 16 year old at more than 5,000 per month. That is not only a lot of texting, but also a lot of screen time on mobile devices.

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Smartphones Damage Your Eyesight

Not only that kids do not get enough essential vitamins for eye health, a certain number of these digital natives spend the majority of their time sitting in front of a computer screen, a smartphone screen, or a tablet.

Mobile devices have significantly smaller screens than desktops or laptops, and their on-the-go portability make them ideal devices for the fast-paced lifestyle of youth.

Everything from Facebook to shopping is available on a mobile device, so it is understandable why they are the preferred choice of young computer users.

But the constant use of the new technology is causing many younger people to have to wear glasses or use other corrective eyesight measures because their eyesight is deteriorating quickly with the high use of mobile technology.

The biggest problem is the development of myopia, where the eyes adjust to only seeing things that are nearer to the eye.

This is so obvious as to wonder what happened to common sense. But the youth of today are just as dependent on medical technology to fix their mistakes as they are to communicate with their friends.

The question is whether the problem will continue to get worse despite the realities of deteriorating eyesight. On the one hand, there is a demand for larger screens on smartphones.

On the other hand, technology has gone from a large screen tablet to a mini-sized screen. Consumers, young and old, cannot seem to make up their minds about what they want in a smartphone or tablet.

It appears that the future of technology as it relates to the eyes will be focused more on fixing the problems technology has created than making a better Google Glass.

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