Technical Advances In Bionics Destined to Turn Humans Into Cyborgs?

As the world continues to depend more and more on hardware for medical solutions, the question is whether the future of the human race will be dependent on machines to perform the most basic of human functions, such as seeing.


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New Device

A new device to treat macular degeneration is being tested that will allow people to see normally without the use of external corrective lenses.

Currently the experiments are being conducted on rats, but the technology is showing promise. The hope is that the technology, which consists of multiple photocells that are implanted in the patient’s eye, will act as photoreceptor cells that have been damaged. Along with the photocells is a special set of glasses that will be used to focus and translate the images seen. Neither requires an external power supply, making it a one time surgical procedure.

Wrong Direction?

While this technology gives hope to many sufferers of macular degeneration, the question that arises is whether we are becoming too comfortable with bionic or technological solutions to our medical problems instead of working on more natural ways to prevent and solve potential medical problems.

We have only one set of eyes, and though there is bionic technology under consideration to replace failing eyes, currently once our vision is lost it is gone forever.

The cost of technology can be expensive as well. This is true even of manufactured medications, each which have their own set of side effects.
But health should not come at a price. Though this is the current approach, there are certain medical issues where the only and best approach is one that is natural.

In the medical community, there is always a debate between the quantity of life versus the quality of life. Yet in many cases the decision as to which is more important is made by doctors and medical teams.

Returning the decision to the patient is the direction to move towards, and instead of machines keeping us alive after the damage has been done, the medical community should work towards preventative measures that move us away from bionic solutions.

How To Restore Your Vision Naturally? Watch the Video ►



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