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There are many things we take for granted in our lives. Being able to see with two eyes is one them because, like many other things, we tend to ignore their existence until they become a problem. What is often missed is that our eyes work together to give us the real view.


A Bird’s Eye View

When we look at an object, we get two views that combine into one in our brain. People who have worn an eye patch for a period of time or lost sight in an eye know how the missing view affects their eye sight. Our eyes are set in front to give us stereoscopic vision, as opposed to a bird whose eyes are set more towards the sides of their head. That is why you often see a bird constantly turning its head from side to side. Because our eyes work together, one bad eye will affect our perception of depth and peripheral vision.

A Glass Half Full

Think about the recent technology of Google Glass. It allows a person with perfectly normal vision to wear glasses. Somehow that does not sound right. In fact, glasses are now being replaced by medical procedures in people of all ages, with some remarkable results. So though there are ways to avoid wearing glasses altogether, we are asking to adapt to technology that will not only require us to wear glasses but is designed to use one eye more than the other.

An Answer In Sight?

It seems for the foreseeable future that our eyes will be the source of many experiments, whether because of technology or some other reason. What is likely to follow is a way for people to move away from surgical procedures and be able to restore their vision naturally. Surgery, for all its benefits, is mainly used for more serious eye problems, But what about simply maintaining the sight that you have? Eye movement and sight are both controlled by your eyes muscles. Like any other muscle in the body, if it is not used on a regular basis it tends to get weaker and impair your normal bodily functions.

Think about how much you depend on your eyes for everything from watching the news to driving a car. Taking care of the muscles that give you the sight may be more important than what you see with them every day.

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