Turning Out The Lights

If we are honest, there are many parts of our health that we do not take care of until there is a problem. In some cases, the problem has to take a significant nosedive before we make an appointment to see a doctor. Perhaps the most important of this group are the two eyes we have.


Speed of Life

There is no doubt that the pace of everyone’s life has picked up over the last 10 years, maybe more. We drive to get to work earlier, leave later when it is dark, and get a half hour lunch break when we can. The driving and working require our eyes to constantly adjust every day. To help us keep pace with the speed of life we have a cup or two of coffee in the morning to get our eyes going.

Shutting Down

What often is lost in this managed chaos is the requirement to allow our bodies to rest and sleep for normal periods of time. Your eyes, like the rest of your body, need a certain amount of rest to continue functioning normally. The fact that we do not have time to shut down mentally or physically because of our lifestyle is something our body’s health really does not care about.

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Seeing Technology Correctly

Technology is one of the biggest reasons that our lives are faster and our eyes are under more strain. Society has become more mobile from a communications perspective, and with it the demand to adjust to smaller devices that add to the stress our eyes are under. For many people, the morning begins looking at a computerized device, whether it is a television or laptop computer, and ends with checking their email on a smartphone.

Our bodies are not bionic devices that can instantly adjust to changing environments without some type of negative effect waiting for us down the road. As amazing as they are when it comes to adapting to many environments, they have limits. In a world where technology has us even more dependent on our eyes, we need to take the time to turn out the lights and let our eyes and our bodies take a break. If we decide against this, that visit to the doctor may occur sooner than later.

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