Restore Vision Naturally Using 3 Simple Eye Exercises

You can restore vision naturally with 3 simple exercises, spending only 6 to 15 minutes a day…

Taking care of your eyes is unfortunately not accorded the importance that it should.
What would be the use of spending hours in a gym sculpting your body, if your eyes sight is failing?
If you spent a small fraction of that time exercising your eyes, you would benefit much more in your overall being.

Now eyes are very different from other parts of the body and any exercises that you may undertake for their upkeep and betterment have to be carefully chosen.
There are some highly recommended eye exercises that are known to work wonders with eye sight correction. As a matter of fact many people who have tried these exercises swear by them to get your instant results.

Eye Warm Up:

This exercise involves ones rubbing one’s hands together for about 15 to 20 seconds and then cupping our eyes with them. One will feel the warmth from the palms permeate into the eyes and relax them while it gets darker and darker. Opening the eyes shortly afterwards will make them feel visibly relaxed and rejuvenated.
One of the major causes of failing eye sight is eyes strain, which can come about by watching television, reading or spending too much time on the computer. Eye warm up if done regularly will help relieve that strain thereby improving overall eye health.

Pencil Push Ups:

This simple exercise that involves focusing on a letter marked on a pencil while bringing it closer to the face and moving it away and repeating this for about five to fifteen minutes every day is known to help one correct crossed eyes and double vision. When the pencil moves very close to one’s face, one usually starts seeing two of it. The idea is to close one’s eye for a little while and look at the pencil again. With time and practice one’s vision improves to enable one to see a single pencil.
This exercise can be quite easily undertaken by a person of any age, and the results are quite heartening for those who do it diligently.

Near Far Focus:

Over here one sits in a relaxed position and then stretches one’s arm in front of the face and focuses on one’s upright thumb for a little while. One could hold this position till the time one has inhaled and exhaled one’s breath a few times. This is to be alternated with focusing at distant object (about 10 feet away) in a room-something like a flower vase for a little while, repeating the inhalation and exhalation process. The whole process needs to be repeated a few times. This helps improve the flexibility of the eyes and strengthens them as well.

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Thus we see that much in the same manner as other parts of the body, exercise can lead to an improvement in the condition of the eyes. The above exercises are proven in their efficacy and efficiency, and anybody who tries them is sure to benefit. Eyes being such an important faculty, it is a pity that so many people have to resort to wearing glasses or expensive surgery for eye related troubles, when all that is required is for one to undertake a few simple exercises.



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