With An Eye for Safety

When people discuss taking care of their eyesight, the conversation usually turns towards subjects such as contacts lenses, sunglasses, and avoiding long periods of close work and reading.
This is generally good advice, but what is often overlooked is the physical damage that can happen to your eyes when an accident occurs. Physical damage to the eyes can be irreparable, and be a cause of a lifetime of frustration.

Here are a few suggestions on keeping an eye on your eyes using a few safety devices and some caution.

Around the House

Most accidents occur in or around the home, whether they damage the eyes or not. This fact is the result of people thinking they know their home environment well enough to drop their guard. In the kitchen, many people cook over a stove using butter, oil, and other greasy cooking fluids. Being spattered by grease when cooking is common, but should it hit your eye instead of your eyelid medical attention is necessary.

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Cleaning around the house using any number of cleansers and chemicals can irritate or damage your eye if you are not careful. While not trying to sound dramatic, if your eye should get burned by one of these household chemicals it is technically a chemical burn. If you are in an enclosed room without ventilation, not only respiratory damage is possible, but eye irritation can occur as well.

Outside the House

Lawn mowers and electric trimmers are two of the most common tools that can shoot rocks and other debris into the air – and at your eyes. It may not be trendy, but wearing goggles when using these types of tools provides an added layer of protection for your eyes. When considering this, keep in mind that you know the terrain and danger areas of your home. Be mindful also that while you may be protected, objects propelled by lawn mowers can fly many feet and be a danger to others as well.

The key idea when acting to prevent accidents is to be proactive. Take a moment to consider the dangers to your eyes even with the simplest tasks. Most people take their eye for granted until something bad happens to them. Choose to make your eyesight a priority in and out of the house.

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